Misuse Of Legal Anabolic Steroids


Anabolic steroids are commonly used to enhance performance, especially related to sports. Other persons consume them to increase their muscle mass and pump up their bodies. However, steroids are prescription only substances, and should not be consumed without proper reason or medical direction. In sports, most of the categories of sport do not permit the athletes or players who participate to take these drugs like steroids for sale.

How and Why Are Anabolic Steroids are Misused

Cases of steroid use in sports such as athletics, cycling, and swimming are not rare. The temptation to increase performance by taking banned substances pushes athletes and other sports persons to engage in steroid use. Some try to time the injection of the substance into their body such that it wears out before they are tested. In other users such as body builders, the steroids are injected straight into muscle. Other forms of administration include gels or creams that are applied on the skin, or tablets that are taken orally. To achieve the desired effects of muscle mass increase, while at the same time avoiding the adverse effects to the body, steroid users have learned several techniques to achieve this. These include cycling, stacking, and pyramiding. Cycling refers to using the anabolic steroids for a period and then holding off for a while. Others use multiple steroids in the belief that the results of the combination will be better, and this is called stacking. Most users with proper knowledge of steroids will combine the two techniques, a process called pyramiding.

Negative Effects of Anabolic Steroids Misuse

There are several adverse effects associated with the misuse of steroids uk online. Firstly, research has shown a link between longstanding users of legal steroids with medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. Secondly, in men, apart from the increase in muscle mass, steroids have been known to cause infertility, low sperm count, an increased risk of prostate cancer, development of breasts, and baldness. In women, some of the undesired results include facial hair growth, loss of breast tissue, deepening of voice, hair loss, and in some an increased sexual drive. Use of best legal steroids may become addictive if not controlled, and lead to social problems such as being irresponsible. Some users have also been known to share needles, increasing the risk of infections such as hepatitis B and HIV. The psychological effects of steroid us include mood swings, manic tendencies, and aggressive mannerisms.

Stacking Prohormones For Bulking: The Best Methylsten Stacks

Stacking prohormones is a proven way to quicken achieving your bodybuilding goals. Unfortunately, it is not all pro hormones that can be stacked together. The best prohormone stack depends on what you would like to achieve as well as the different combination of the effects. Although there is no single prohormone stack that will work for all athletes, it is imperative to note that the best prohormone stacks are the ones that maximize benefits while minimizing the negative effects. For example, if you are using a compound that encourages water retention to build mass, you can stack it with another prohormone that promotes dry gains for quality gains.

The best prohormone stacks that you should consider for bulking

Methylsten and Halodrol

Combining Methylsten and Halodrol creates one of the best prohormone stacks and legal steroids for sale for massive size and strength gains. Methylsten or Methylstenbolone is a fast-acting bodybuilding agent that helps athletes to increase size, strength and gain mass within a short period. It is not uncommon to find athletes who have gained up to 25 pounds of lean muscle mass in 4 weeks when they cycle Methylstenbolone. Methylsten also does not have an affinity for progesterone receptor, which means that athletes can bulk without worrying about water retention.

Halodrol is a highly versatile prohormone that can be used for bulking or cutting. It is good at enhancing muscle endurance and accelerating the overall recovery time. Halodrol is considered the go-to prohormone in the development of the ideal set of abs. In fact, users of Halodrol have reported that the prohormone helps them to get flatter and develop muscular abdominal muscles with minimal or no water retention. A Methylsten and Halodrol stack is suitable for athletes looking to gain both size and strength. This cycle should run for 4 weeks at a daily dosage of between 4 to 16mg for Methylsten and 50 to 75mg for Halodrol. Methylsten and Halodrol stack cycle should also feature on cycle support and post cycle therapy.

Methylsten and Dymethazine

If you are looking to gain massive strength and vascularity, combining Methylsten with Dymethazine will create a very powerful bulking prohormone stack. Dymethazine (DMZ) helps athletes to build lean dry full muscle mass, boost vascularity and improve the overall endurance and strength. When properly cycled, DMZ can help athletes gain as much as 16 pounds of muscle mass in a cycle. A Methylsten and Dymethazine stack helps athletes to gain quality muscles. DMZ adds value to the cycle by minimizing bloat and water retention triggered by Methylsten.

A Methylsten and Dymethazine prohormone stack should be run for 4 weeks. The optimal dosage for Methylsten should be between 4 to 16mg per day while that of Dymethazine should be between 30 and 45mg per day. The stack should be taken together with a proper on cycle support. It should also be followed by a good post cycle therapy.


When choosing the best prohormone stack, it is important to factor the individual tolerance to the negative effects. You should remember that individuals have different tolerance and susceptibility levels to prohormones side effects. Before stacking any prohormone, you should cycle it individually first to determine your tolerance and susceptibility.