Dianabol UK Pros And Cons

One of the oldest anabolic steroids on the market is Dianabol, or D-Bol for slang. There are pros and cons of using this powerful steroid, and you should know about them before you buy Dianabol. Some of them will be discussed below.

The Pros

The main pro of D-Bol is its effects it has on protein synthesis. It does a great job at increasing the levels of it and it promotes nitrogen retention. These are the reasons why people are able to gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat while on the drug. People gain a lot of muscle weight on the steroid and it’s very possible to gain 30-50lbs of muscle with a 4-8 week cycle of D-Bol.

It enhances athletic performance and increases strength levels. It doesn’t take weeks to free these effects. In fact, many people become stronger within a few days. Their athletic performance also improves after a few days of being on D-Bol. This is why bodybuilders and athletes turn to the drug during their off-seasons.

Another major pro to using the drug how fast it works. It is mainly taken for bulking and strength purposes and people can easily gain a lot of muscle within the first four weeks of D-Bol. Some people experience muscle growth within the first week of their cycle. However, it’s important to point out that results vary from person to person.

The Cons

Don’t look for D-Bol for sale. This is because of the cons that surround it. For starters, medical conditions can develop when you use Dianabol for an extended time. You could end up with high blood pressure, testicular atrophy and you may develop breasts.

Your testosterone could convert to estrogen. In turn, water retention can occur and you will look bloated. As you may know, when you retain water, then high blood pressure may occur and there are numerous negative side effects that can come along with having high blood pressure levels.

Your testicles can shrink while on it and your testicles may not function as they should. Just to note, this is a very common side effect among people who use the drug.


You can find legal Dianabol for sale. When you buy Dbol in the form of a legal supplement, then you will feel and look like you’re on real Dbol. A legal supplement designed after Dianabol will bulk you up, provide you with strength gains and improve your athletic performance.

Instead of looking for real Dbol for sale, you can buy D-bol alternatives. Simply go online and find a reputable supplement retailer that sells them.