Some Of The Effects Of Winstrol UK

Other than testosterone and estrogen, Winstrol is probably the most mentioned hormone in the world. It is certainly the most talked about anabolic steroid. It is also the most used by body builder and sports athletes. It is notorious as the steroid of choice of a number of athletes who have been caught ‘doping’ as they call it. This has been the case for years with this steroid hormone. It is one of the very few that a lot of people who have never heard of any other steroids know by name. Its popularity goes back to the late 1950’s. If someone was asked to name a steroid, most people would say Winstrol.

In the 1988 Olympics, a sprinter gained international notoriety by using Winstrol for performance enhancement. Since then, whenever steroids are used by athletes who get caught ‘doping’, it is usually Winstrol that is found in their systems.

Most of the steroid-using population uses Winstrol. Body builders will use it for both bulking and cutting, and sprinters, runners, swimmers, and ball players will use it for performance enhancement. Wrestlers have been caught using it as well.

It is extremely anabolic, which means it builds muscle mass very quickly, and it can also streamline muscle mass when those muscles are pumped up. It is one of the best know strength and endurance steroids. That is why so many athletes and body builders want to buy Winstrol. It is one of the most researched steroids online, where people are wanting to find Winstrol for sale.

Although it is not what we would call the best bulking steroid, it is used by body builders to build muscle mass and to cut muscles as well. It is an androgenic steroid, and it provides for an increase in free testosterone, an unusual attribute of a steroid hormone.

Winstrol produces no side effects such as gynecomastia (enlargement of male breasts to mimic female breasts) or any of the other female type of side effects. It has androgenic side effects, however. Acne and hair loss are a problem.

A six to eight week span of use is most appropriate. Any more than that, and there may be a risk of liver problems commonly associated with steroid use. Never take any over the counter medications with any steroid, Winstrol included. Do not eat a hamburger and fries and expect to look acne free. Do not eat fatty foods or candy. Eat healthy foods. Never take an overdose of steroids. Be safe.